Graduate school is one of those things that even though we all choose to be there and love it, we still love to hate it and complain about how much work there is to do. Especially those of us on the speech pathology track, what with our classes and our clinics and whatnot, and our general love of juggling our schedules and staying up late because, while we’re all obsessed with doing a good job, we aim to use the least amount of time possible to still do well. The following IM conversation with a fellow graduate student sums things up nicely.

Fellow Graduate Student: Excited for school tomorrow? Phil: Not exactly. Too much work ahead that I’d just as soon not do. FGS: I’m in denial that I have so much work. Phil: Me too! Now if we could only displace that denial, so that our professors think that we DON’T actually have to do any of that work. FGS: Ooooh I like that idea. I’m feeling it. FGS: I think maybe my brain is on FULL. Phil: Mine too. This could be why we’re having such educated discussion about getting out of doing all the work we’re stuck with.