My silence on the internet this past week has been due in large part to a very dear friend's recent loss. I've known her now for over three years, and in that time have come to cherish her friendship and love very much. I wrote this after finding it difficult to know, as a friend, what to say. It is for my dear friend that I dedicate this post, and will continue my week of silence in her and her loved ones' honor.


Forever is something that never will be Lying on grass staring skyward Tears, they flow and do taste like the sea Endless is the span of horizon

Today is something that never will leave Running across open fields Strength, it beckons, need time just to breathe Majestic is the rise of the mountains

Pain is something felt only from love Diving head first in the ocean Wonder, the mind wants to always implore Peaceful is the cloud up on high

Yesterday is something to always remember Sitting calmly among gusty winds Sight, a face that follows you 'round Bright is the moon in the sky

Tomorrow is something only to ponder Raising arms to the heavens beyond Sound, a sweet voice that resonates thunder Stunning is the rainbow outside

Love is something to always hold onto Climbing up high in the trees Love, seems gone yet it's always right here Love is what you mean to me