Every once in a while, it really pays to be studying speech pathology. I was working on my homework and trying to understand the hilariously titled "mucosal wave" of the phonation process, so I decided to see if YouTube had any videos depicting the process. It didn't, exactly, but I was able to find some videos of vocal fold movement. I've seen these in class and whatnot, but what classes lack, of course, is the many joyous comments that can be found on YouTube. I found the following video to be fairly useful just for the visual.

Even when someone posts a video that's meant to be informative, and completely lacks controversy, I love that YouTubers find a way to insult each other and swear like sailors in the comments section.

Altairx86: what is that sticky stuff? whenever they close and open it looks like some sticky goo stuff shows up when they open ItsChocolateChip: It's called mucus, idiot.. Altairx86: how the fuck am I an idiot for asking a very legit and educational question? You learn new things by ASKING QUESTIONS and DOING THINGS. I'll just pretend the "idiot.." part is just a figment of my imagination, and replace it with "buddy". Yes, I like that. So thank you very much for your kind answer, "buddy". I'm glad we had this discussion :) ItsChocolateChip: Whatever helps you sleep at night, kid... Altairx86: Sorry, im not a kid. And also, why do you got to be negative? not even necessary dude. tighten up. either you have something decent to say or shut the fuck up BEFORE you speak. It's that simple, kid. birudagmawi1: both of you kids, shut up.

I totally want that to be the title of a book. It's Called Mucus, Idiot. And yes, I want both periods at the end of the title.