Robert spent the morning yesterday in the clinic for a quick, routine procedure. Luckily for him, it involved the use of drugs that induced short-term amnesia, so he doesn't really remember anything. Luckily for me, it involved the use of drugs that induced short-term amnesia, so I remember him not remembering anything. In case you haven't ever been around someone, especially your significant other, on these sorts of mind-altering drugs, you have much to look forward to. See, at first, everything seems fine and you don't even notice anything beyond a level of obvious sleepiness. You'll have conversations like this:

Phil: Hi honey, how're you feeling? Robert: Mm hmm. Phil: Are you hungry yet? Robert: Mm hmm. Phil: And...? Robert: Del Taco... sounds... good.

See? Perfectly normal conversation. Of course, that happened at 11:55am. Here's the conversation we had approximately fifteen minutes later:

Phil: So you still want to go to Del Taco for lunch? Robert: Del Taco? Phil: Yeah. Robert: Where did you get that idea? Phil: Well, from you, of course. You said so. Robert: No I didn't.

And so it goes. It's pretty much the funnest form of arguing anyone can get into, considering it's harmless and, in any event, the conversation will be forgotten within the hour anyway.

In all, I think Robert and I had the same five conversations yesterday about four or six times each. And while I found it rather endearing, Robert reached a point where he could read my face and know that we'd already had this discussion. Of course, that didn't stop the repeated conversation, since that memory is important. And while yes, it was fun while it lasted, I'm thrilled that today the drugs have finally worn off and he's back to his normal, spry self. I guess I'll just have to settle for telling him more stories about how out of it he was yesterday, and how much fun we had. I think I can live with that.