While for some this weekend, the memorable quote of the Las Vegas blogger weekend was hater tots are good with mustard, my favorite moment involved one of my favorite bloggers saying "Thank you, thanks, thanks, thanks, thank you, pussy thank you!" and then almost falling over on the sidewalk as we were laughing too hard to stand upright. But seriously. I heard about Nicole's idea for a Vegas meet-up a while ago, and even talked about going. But it wasn't until sometime last week that I decided that I really was going to go. And even when I saw the skyline of the Strip looming ahead on my drive, it still hadn't hit me just what I was in for. Twenty-six bloggers gathering together for a $35 buffet was only the beginning. (Though that was the first and last time I'll pay that much for a buffet, it was definitely worth it, despite seeing things involving crab legs that may forever scar my poor, innocent eyes.)

Easily the best part of the trip, though, was this:


No matter what we were doing, be it eating at exorbitantly expensive buffets, scarfing gelato, enjoying happy hour drinks, watching that incredible fountain in front of the Bellagio, or walking the endless Las Vegas Blvd., it was being with a bunch of people I've only ever read before that made it worthwhile.

A huge thanks go to my friends from Vegas for putting me up for the weekend, and an equally huge thanks goes out to all the bloggers who made the weekend so unforgettable. Every single one of you is at least ten times cooler than I had ever imagined you would be, and that's not because I have low standards.

(P.S. Don't be surprised if Renee and I suddenly end up on Broadway together. We totally brought sexy back to the "Overture/All That Jazz" from Chicago. In the middle of the sidewalk next to the Bellagio fountain. Women and children and old men could not tear their eyes away from us, that's how epic it was.)