effI've spent the last week now without solid use of my left index finger. As I've previously noted, this is no small task. Tying my shoes, flossing my teeth, and typing are but a few of the things I do that demand use of said left index finger. I 've known for my whole life that, despite writing with my right hand, I'm not not right-hand dominant, but suddenly I'm aware of how much I use my left hand. On the plus side, it's been easier to adapt my typing skills than it was that one time when I broke my left middle finger. Naturally, despite the slowness there, I was able to send a constant "fuck you" to everything that caused me any discomfort or challenge, which is a huge benefit all its own. Even though I want to desperately, flipping anything off with my band-aided index finger leaves me feeling completely unsatisfied, and just thinking about that makes me all angry, fuck.