Three weeks seems like more time than it actually is. It's just enough time to get comfortable and steal you away from remembering to remember every single second, and yet not enough time to really savor what you've suddenly gotten so comfortable with. It's just enough time to make you realize that letting your feelings take you away is the best decision you've ever made, and yet not enough time to savor every one of those feelings to the last drop. It's at once too much time and not even close to enough time. It's enough to make you want time to hurry up to see what great things are in store for you, and to also slow down so you can maximize every moment. It's enough time because it has to be enough time, but it reminds you that no amount of time will ever be enough.

But still, the one thought that remains is that the day I am most looking forward to is the day I never have to do this again.