For the uninitiated, Twitter is full of little programmed bots that crawl through all the data on there for keywords. Then they start following you, making you look more popular than you really are and hoping that you'll be lame enough to follow them back. Take my little rant tonight against my home internet connection, for instance. I got really pissed off and turned to Twitter to vent my frustration.

Twitter Verizon

(Take note, Verzion. I may not mind your cell phone service, but your DSL frequently makes me shout obsenties like fuck shit I fucking hate this fucking shitty DSL.)

Then the little bots discover that I typed "Verizon" into my angry diatribe twiatribe, and suddenly ca-ching! I have a new follower, in the form of a probably-not-actually-Verizon and also probably-a-scammer account.

Verizon Deals

Oh, the joys of Twitter.