As the notorious Nico often says so succinctly, we live in the future! And every time he says it, be it while we're instant messaging, emailing, blogging/commenting, or chatting it up at a party, I always nod my head in solemn agreement. He knows about these things much better than I. Or rather, he's got a much better grasp on this point, as it's his spiel, not my own. The last 48 hours have really brought to life how right Nico is about us living in the future, however. His point has long been that regardless of how we perceived the future to be in the past, the reality of our lives is very much the future of our pasts, and in ways we likely haven't even thought much about.

As I've so eloquently noted already, my home internet connection has been out for the better part of two days. It's been spotty for the last several weeks, but these last two days it's been a nightmare, allowing me actual access for maybe ten minutes out of every hour or so. This is a problem for me, as much of what I do requires the use of an internet connection.

So what have I been unable to accomplish as a result of virtually no internet connection? Let's see.

  • Sending important documents over email for my clinic.
  • Reading the news.
  • Writing on any one of my plethora of websites.
  • Paying bills.
  • Checking email.
  • Working on setting up my new Etsy shop. (coming soon...)

It's funny to think about it. I've gone paperless on virtually all my bills, and was proud that it was a means of going green. But just as paper bills are only possible if there are trees to make the paper, so too is paperless billing only possible with a reliable internet connection. The point is, who knew that what we so long considered to be paperwork might one day not be actual paperwork at all? There's no other response to that than... we live in the future.

This blog post is being typed at a local Coffee Bean, where a nice, sturdy, reliable, fast, and free wireless internet connection has allowed me to get all my work done and more. Who knew that it would be possible to go order a drink, plop down at a table, and work on your laptop to your heart's content? That settles it, I think; we really do live in the future.