The Obvious It would appear that, in my absence, I forgot that I could write for the internet. So to clarify for anyone who may not follow me elsewhere around the internet, I'm still alive and kicking, sort of.

The Burnout

It should come as a surprise to none (though it was something of a surprise to me) that all I want to do when I get home every day is just sit outside on the private patio space I don't have with a glass of wine or a margarita I do have and just watch the world go by. Mine has been spinning fast enough at this point that several vacations are definitely in order.

The Lost Sheep

The only problem is that, in the flurry of boards and comprehensive exams, it seems I forgot how to relax. I spent more than two months literally planning out my days and weeks to the hours and minutes of wakefulness in order to squeeze in work, homework, hours for my externship, and studying for my comprehensive exams and the national Praxis exam. The days blurred together and I wasn't sure they would ever end, and yet, next thing I knew, the big day had arrived and boom--seven hours later--it was all over.

The Opposite

On occasions when I used to find myself procrastinating, I now find myself being productive. On occasions when I used to find myself being creative, or giving voice to my thoughts, I now find myself being introspective, wanting to take a moment to think things through. Where once I felt reserved, I now feel confident, and vice versa. In short, this is a turning point in my life I never quite anticipated. I worked hard and always kept my eye on this time, and yet, now that it is here, I realize that there is much I still have to figure out.

The Questions

Am I ready for this change? Absolutely. I have much to look forward to, many questions to ask myself, and so much still to learn. Life, it seems, is only just beginning.

Photo Credit: Me! With my camera phone!