Things I didn't anticipate accomplishing during my 28th year, but I did anyway:

  • lost over 50 pounds
  • became a Zumba instructor
  • moved back to my hometown
  • cooked up a storm
  • got bitten by the photography bug and bought a DSLR camera
  • and today, changed out the RAM on my computer

During my 27th year I completed graduate school and had had hardly a clue about what I wanted in life. This year, I realized what I wanted and worked incredibly hard to make it happen.

Small ideas came to life in big ways. Instead of talking about wanting to be healthier and lose weight, I stopped thinking about losing 20 or 30 or 40 pounds and just went for it. Having no numbers in mind made it easier to just take it a little at a time and enjoy the journey.

I went from thinking about really living my life, to actually living it. I think that's more than I could ask for from a year in life.

The moral of this year's story? Thinking ahead is great! Thinking in specifics in that thinking ahead is not so great. Makes me look forward very much to whatever is in store for me this next year. I have no plans, so perhaps anything is possible.

(And who knows, maybe I'll stop thinking about wanting to blog more and just blog more already.)