When you only have one day off for your weekend, apparently it is possible to fill every hour of your day with something fun. Take today, for instance. I blocked it out as follows:

  1. Drink a smoothie and watch Project Runway.
  2. Shower and beautify.
  3. Pick up a breakfast burrito and chow down while running errands.
  4. Buy cool "film" from a car tinting shop to watch the eclipse.
  5. Spontaneously go to the mall.
  6. Unplanned shopping extravaganza!, In which fabulous new attire is attained.
  7. Arrive at home and gather some clothes to donate.
  8. Hop on my bike and explore the neighborhood trails for an hour.
  9. Grab my camera and chair to sit outside on the grass and watch the solar eclipse.

Number 9 was marred only when a neighbor we'd never before seen joined us, large glass of wine in hand, and took the opportunity to drunkenly regale us with tales of her son's dreadful birthday party today.

There's a reason why I stopped at 9. Lucky the good part of the eclipse was over, because both Robert and I were more than happy to scurry away from the "I don't usually drink this much but they drove me to it" insane neighbor woman.

And, scene.