I've been watching the Olympics like it's my job every day. Which means that as soon as I get home from my real job during the day, I plop myself down in front of the television (something I do very rarely) and lose myself in the many colors of the world in all their athletic majesty. It's a good thing the Olympics happen only once every two years, because I always forget how quickly I go from zero to fangirl. I thought after swimming was done, I'd be good to go and return back to life as usual. But alas, I can't help myself.

I'm still sitting here in front of the TV, laptop on hand, working on things to keep life in order during the admittedly insane number of commercial breaks. The coverage may be subpar, and the commercials excessive, but I can't stay away. I barely understand half these sports, but I'm cheering everyone on regardless.

Keep it up, world, you're knocking my socks off. Literally.