I've had the same prescription glasses for a little over two years now. A couple months ago, I noticed that the right ear piece was loose, and it wasn't long before it popped off completely. After two or three weeks, I finally stopped by a glasses place. They took one look at my glasses and informed me they didn't have the right parts and then referred me to a place called the "Eyeglass Hospital". They promised me that if they couldn't be fixed there, they couldn't be fixed anywhere.

Another week passed before I dragged myself there, and after about 20 minutes the gentleman told me that my options were simple: he couldn't fix them, so I could go to a jeweler who could take care of it. Barring that, he suggested I could try calling the place I purchased them. I opted for the latter, and they said I could mail them back and they could send them to the manufacturer to fix them. One of the prices you pay for designer sunglasses, it turns out, is proprietary parts.

Being pretty thoughtful about this whole thing, I decided it might be convenient to get a fresh prescription done before I send them in. That way I could have new lenses to go along with my freshly repaired frames. And being a pretty thoughtful procrastinator, I've let about two months pass since declaring that this would be my plan.

I can't think of any particular reason why I've let this amount of time pass. I've done the requisite Google searching and I've asked plenty of people if they recommend anyone. I have everything set to go, but for some crazy reason I haven't made any phone calls or even attempted to schedule an appointment. I realized today that it had nothing to do with wanting to find the right eye doctor, and everything to do with wanting to get the right prescription. Somewhere along the way, I've developed an irrational fear that I won't get the prescription that's just right for me right now. What's more irrational is that in lieu of even trying, I've just been using my broken glasses with their two-year-old prescription that doesn't do much for my changing eyes.

Maybe one of these days I'll finally get on that. One of these days.