I've been thinking a lot lately about how much I've allowed myself to fall behind. To think so much about things that I don't leave any time to actually do anything I've been thinking about.

I have a knack for picturing something a certain way and then steadily molding that image in my head into something great. Trouble is, I jump so far ahead in my mind that by the time it occurs to me to give it a try, I've worked things so far ahead that the thought of actually taking all the necessary steps to get there is too daunting. It overwhelms quickly, the thought of newness and adventure dissipates, and the end result is that nothing ends up happening.

The not doing leads to a fear of doing, and before I know it, I've fallen into a spiral of discontent. I'm tired of having the best of intentions. I crave action, steps in a forward direction, any semblance of progress.

I want to take the frustration, the confusion, the questioning, and do something useful with it.