In the early days of Tumblr and Twitter, I remember how much fun we had posting a photo and simply adding “Current status.” as the caption. “Here’s what I’m doing right now” was a novel concept, and it was fun to play with that. It was especially fun when we would later have “Tweet-ups” and then post photos with the same caption showing all of us from the Internet converging in one place.

I’m certainly not opposed to this concept, but I realize after a while that the novelty wore off. As social media went in more consuming directions, it became less exciting, and after a time it became less interesting.

Having been back here with slightly more frequency this past week, after stopping in once or twice a year (the beginning and the end, usually) for the past several years, I’ve realized what has been missing. This place right here was never about what I was doing, it was about what I was thinking. A story told was only interesting in light of what I took away from it. Writing was the means by which I was able to make sense of my world.

Quick snippets and snapshots are fine, but it’s the thought behind them, and the conversations surrounding them, that are interesting. You can’t share those in real-time, but if you take the time to think about it and reflect on it later, I’ll be happy to listen.