As I drifted away from writing, the longer I waited to try again, the more daunting it felt. I forgot how, I would think to myself. I don’t remember what it was like to write, and I started to become afraid of putting words out there.

I thought a lot about it, about how it might look, and how I might organize it. Overwhelm would creep in. Should I say something about being gone? Should I revise old posts and start fresh? Should I abandon it and move on? Should I organize all those lingering tags?

In the thick of the questions, no writing was done. Thinking about writing isn’t writing. Trying to edit an old blog is like erasing a past that helped you find your way to the present. It’s okay to get lost. It’s okay to let those young writings stay young. And maybe organization only needs to go so far. The enjoyment always came from the writing, so maybe just do that again.

Maybe the words will come back if you start writing them.