Over the last month, I’ve rediscovered something I thought I’d lost. I always knew it was there, waiting for me, but hadn’t done a thing about it, except maybe worry that I’d forgotten how to do this.

Writing much more eloquently than I have about this topic, here’s iA Writer’s say on the matter:

The Web has lost its spirit. The Web is no longer a distributed Web. It is, ironically, a couple of big tubes that belong to a handful of companies. Mainly Google (search), Facebook (social) and Amazon (e-commerce). There is an impressive Chinese line and there are some local players in Russia, Japan, here and there. Overall it has become monotonous and dull.

It’s the same thing everywhere you turn. Writing here has been a great reminder of what made the Internet so great to begin with.

They continue:

There seems to be a weak undercurrent of old and young bloggers like us that feel sentimental or curious and want to bring back blogging. Blogging won’t save the world. But, hell, after two weeks now, we can confirm: it feels great to be back on the blogging line.

In short: more critical thinking, less sound bytes.

We can do this.

— h/t Patrick Rhone and Swiss Miss