I am not a sports fan, generally. However, I’m a huge fan of the Olympics. Every two years, I go a little overboard with watching the games. I love the way the games bring out the best in athletes, both in their respective sports and their sense of sportsmanship. There are exceptions, of course, but so far these past few days, I’ve seen much more cheering among competitors and support for one another’s accomplishments.

The only downside to watching the games is that the TV is always on in the background. I usually prefer to have it off, as the sound plus the visual stimuli is exhausting. Timely note here, since I just read about the science of silence (h/t to Patrick Rhone for that article).

To help, I muted the sound and added captions, then spent some time doodling in between the many breaks and commercials. Here’s a little piece I did in Procreate. Nothing fancy, but it was a relaxing way to unwind.

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