I love the Olympics. It isn’t without problems, of course, and NBC’s coverage remains, despite the lack of headlines this time around, filled with a seemingly constant barrage of commercials.

I also feel like there’s an inordinate amount of time spent on covering figure skating. While I appreciate the event, it gets monotonous and I feel like other sports get far less attention, at least here in the US.

That said, I did happen to catch the gold-medal-winning skate by Japan’s Yuzuru Hanyu. Not only was it a delightful skate, he was showered with hundreds of Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals as soon as he finished. I had no idea it was coming, and it was delightful to watch.

It turns out ice skating has something of a tradition of donating stuffed animals that are thrown on the ice following a performance, which actually is pretty great. And in the case of Yuzuru Hanyu, seeing the look on his face for such a successful performance, contrasted with hundreds of Winnie the Pooh stuffies showering him in the background (of course, there’s a reason for Winnie the Pooh), made for one of my favorite moments from the Olympics this year.