I have a list which seems to grow longer every day. It doesn’t actually grow all that that much longer, truthfully. But the longer I wait to complete anything on it, the more daunting that list becomes. The list, once a way to help remember everything I need to get done, suddenly reminds me how much I’ve let slip between then and now.

In my head, it’s easy to visualize its completion. When it comes to actually working it, it’s much more daunting. Do I start at the end and work my way back? Do I start at the beginning and work my way forward?

And in that subtle pull, no progress is made, and the daunting feeling deepens. Maybe, if I move an inch, I can move another inch, and still another inch, until I’ve moved a foot.

Maybe the key is incremental progress, instead of the one big leap I seem to be holding myself to. No other choice but to start.