My good friend Jana Pochop has a Kickstarter campaign to help her produce her fourth solo album. She and I go back quite a ways, introduced because I was friends with one of her roommates in college. I’ve long been a fan of music, and played my share of it over the years, and I used to love hearing Jana play and sing in random places around campus. She’s always been a talented songwriter, and she keeps getting better. Her folk rap anthem Money and Heart is a definite favorite, even if some bias might be at play here, since I used to frequent those coffee shops to hang out with her and watch her play.

Check out her music on iTunes and support a great indie musician, or on Spotify if that’s your jam. Austin Kleon has recently been reminding the world why we need artists now more than ever. I’m grateful for Jana’s friendship and love her music. I’m happy to support her making more of it.