I’ve been thinking recently about how much we’re asked to have an opinion about something. It’s an interesting concept to consider for a blogger, who has for years, off and on, written my opinion about things. Lately, though, my thoughts have turned to the many small opinions being requested of us on increasingly constant basis.

Rate your experience with your meal.

Rate the effectiveness of your customer service representative.

Rate and write a review of an app.

Rate how likely you are to recommend us to a friend.

What did we do well?

What could we do better?

Rate this book, this movie, this podcast.

In our frenzy for data, we’ve practically removed enjoyment for enjoyment’s sake.

When everything is compared to everything else (and then to itself), what’s left to just sit back and say, “I enjoyed this”?

It doesn’t have to be the best, it just has to be enjoyed in the moment. And if it’s enjoyed, I daresay it was probably worthwhile.