Joshua Fields Millburn on reaching the end of the Internet:

The Internet is functionally infinite, and it continues to expand. On Instagram alone, nearly 100,000,000 new photos are uploaded every day, so it’s impossible to “catch up.”

I’m not entirely sure where that 100,000,000 number comes from, but if one were to judge by this eye-popping report from Hootsuite, it’s probably not far off. Millburn continues:

Same goes for YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, and the rest of the World Wide Web. No matter how hard we try, we’ll never reach the end of the Internet. So it’s best to put down our phones, shut our laptops, and embrace the glow of the sun—not the glow of our screens.

I was recently thinking about the mindless games that steal our attention, and therefore our time. Instagram and its brethren are that on steroids: they give you the impression of having spent time with people you know (friends, family, internet friends) without actually having spent any time with them.