Food It’s day four of Blogvember. I’m following the prompts from Andrew Canion, which can be found here.

Food is one of my favorite ways to experience the world. I love trying new food when I travel, and I also enjoy cooking. I’m not a big entertainer-style guy, I just like spending time in the kitchen and cooking things I find tasty. While there’s some days where I enjoy spending a few hours doing so, most of the time I like it best when something is simple enough to make within a reasonably short amount of time.

So with that in mind, here’s a few recipes I’ve found over the last couple of years that I particularly enjoy making. I don’t strictly cook Paleo, Keto, or otherwise, but I do try to err on the side of keeping grains to a minimum, so most of what I cook these days comes from those types of recipes.

  • PaleOMG - Chicken Enchilada Stew: This a crock pot recipe that really delivers. It’s especially great for this time of year, and for meal prep.
  • PaleOMG - Pizza Spaghetti Pie: The deliciousness of pizza with spaghetti squash instead. A bit more time-intensive because spaghetti squash, but well worth it.
  • Mark’s Daily Apple - Steak with Creamed Spinach: This one is pretty simple and very delicious. It reheats beautifully, and I get asked about it by colleagues any time I bring it for lunch.
  • Living Sweet Moments - Instant Pot Mongolian Beef: I’m not super fond of some recipes that require the use of the sauté function in the Instant Pot (I like the flavors, just don’t love the clean-up required). This one uses it subtly, and is well worth it. I haven’t made it in a while and might just add to the rotation here soon.
  • Instant Pot hard boiled eggs: I don’t know for sure where I stumbled upon this recipe, but it is super consistent and my favorite way to hard boil eggs. All you have to do is put 1 cup of water in the Instant Pot, place eggs on the included shelf, and cook on high pressure for 5 minutes. Release the air once it’s done and remove eggs immediately once pressure is fully released. I like to place the eggs in room-temp water to cool, then I peel them and enjoy (as is, or make an egg salad). Cooling right away has been key to keeping the yolks at their best.
  • Sous Vide Chicken: I’ve found a number of recipes out there, and they’re all basically variations on the same theme. I’ve found I like to season however I feel like, then cook at 151.5 degrees for about 90 minutes. Then I gently sear them in a pan for two minutes on each side, and I’m in business. This is my current absolute favorite way to make chicken, it’s tender and delicious every time.