Hoping For Hope

It’s day 28 of Blogvember. I’m following the prompts from Andrew Canion, which can be found here.

We’re living in challenging times, and it’s hard to feel hopeful about the world as we see so much of it arguing and fighting over power, control, status, money. I’ve alluded to this before, that something I find incredibly comforting when facing significant personal challenge is to gaze at the sky and marvel at the stars. It is with this in mind that I want to offer this poem:

I hope you look to the stars
And marvel at their splendor
Light traveled millions of years
To show you something beautiful

I hope you look to the ocean
Feel the waves wash your spirit clean
Find solace in the irregular rhythm
And lose yourself in its wisdom

I hope you look to the trees
See the life they so generously sustain
They rise in all their splendor
And speak through the rustling of leaves

I hope you look to the earth

And see not profit to be made

But wonders to embrace and love

To share with others now and forever