Speaking of student loans, students who received loans for functionally scam “colleges” are still unlikely to get relief from this current administration’s Department of Education. In fact, Betsy DeVos was just fined $100,000 for continuing to collect payments from defrauded students (including garnishing wages or seizing tax refunds). Betsy DeVos has a complex web of holdings, and her actions have made it abundantly clear that she does not have the best interests of student borrowers in mind. What springs to mind for me moving forward: really evaluating why higher education costs have ballooned, and encouraging better financial literacy before attending school. As I’ve noted previously, I “lucked out” and was able to take out fewer loans than many, and yet still I will be paying these for at least a few years still to come. And also, really holding these schools accountable to having to pay back the loans they accepted, rather than the students, seems like a really good place to start. If student borrowers have this complicated a process to get loan forgiveness in bankruptcy, for-profit scam schools shouldn’t have it any easier.