I’ve had mixed results of late with Kickstarter projects, but this Coffeejack looks interesting. Though I certainly don’t need any new coffee gear, I generally have a lot of fun with the gear I do get (I can think of only one exception to that), and this would be a nice solution to potentially improved coffee at a few of my work sites (I can toss it in my bag and take it with me). My current solution has been to use Mount Hagen organic instant coffee, which has also been a surprisingly decent solution and is much tastier than the burnt-plastic taste and excessive landfill waste that is k-cups.

Kickstarter leaves me feeling a bit of FOMO, which I believe is by design, but the good things usually go on for sale down the line. Even if they cost more later, sometimes it’s worth the wait to see. Plus, as any good budgeter will tell you, spending money you haven’t planned on spending in the name of “saving on overall cost” is a more expensive decision in the short term than it would be to plan for and pay the higher retail cost later. Plus, waiting allows for time to evaluate if it’s really something that would bring enjoyment and value to your life.

Either way, I’m glad to see these sorts of ideas gaining traction. Here’s hoping it succeeds, and perhaps down the line if I see one in person and feel so inclined (the best items usually end up at a few of my favorite local coffee shops), I’ll give it a whirl.