Spending time working from home and otherwise quarantining has me thinking a lot about the things I keep in my life, including the boxes that come with some of those things. More than just the boxes for my computer, I have boxes for my router, modem, some headphones, old cameras, and more, neatly tucked away in other boxes in my closet. “Maybe I’ll need this at some point” seems to be the most common reason that surfaces in my head when I ask myself why I still have said boxes. When logic intervenes and reminds me that hasn’t been the case for many years, the niggling thought “…yet” is quick to reply. While I continue to wrestle with myself over this idea, I did read this thoughtful post where a professional organizer suggests cutting off the portion of the box which might be needed for warranty purposes, and recycling the rest. That’s a step my rather stubborn brain seems willing to consider, so I’ll likely start there.